Kubeless on Azure Kubernetes Service

1. Introduction

This guide goes over the required steps for deploying Kubeless in Azure AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service). The steps in this guide require for you to install:

  • Azure CLI (az): This CLI will be used to create the cluster in AKS.
  • kubectl: Used for installing Kubeless.

2. Creating an AKS cluster

In order to get Kubeless up and running on top of AKS of course you'll need an AKS cluster. Fortunately, Microsoft already did a great job documenting the entire process to accomplish that. You can reach out that documentation following this link.

Important notes regarding the cluster creation itself

  • In the same document the property --generate-ssh-keys was used to generate the required SSH keys to the cluster deployment. If you would like to create your own keys, please use --ssh-key-value passing the path to your SSH pub file.

3. Installing "Kubeless-Controller"

Assuming that the Kubernetes cluster is up and running on top of ACS, its time to install Kubeless. To accomplish, please, follow the steps described on Kubeless Quick-Start Guide.

NOTE: For Azure AD enabled AKS clusters, support for the kubeless CLI to authenticate against Azure AD is only available in versions greater than v1.0.1.